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Zeus Street Greek

We told you that more exciting plant-based options were coming to Zeus – and we always deliver!

If you know us here at Zeus, you’ll know that one of the most important things to us is bringing people and communities together over a great meal. That’s why making sure that there are delicious options for everyone at Zeus is at the heart of everything we do.

With that goal in mind, meet the newest plant-based, diet-flexible choice on our menu: 100% NOT Lamb!

Made from vegetable and wheat proteins, seasoned with natural flavours, herbs and spices, you can now enjoy the flavourful taste of meat-free lamb at Zeus! Choose from The Zeus (100% vegan) or the Tzimmy Classic (veggo) on our tasty Pita Wrap menu.

Regardless of your tastes, preferences or diet restrictions, if you choose to eat with us, we’ve made sure that everyone can find tasty, flavourful options at Zeus.

What you’ll love about our plant-based Lamb 
Lamb has been a staple of the Greek culture for centuries, as a traditional and locally-sourced protein option for our families for millenia. But, did you know that, traditionally, meat wasn’t actually eaten every day in Greece? In the Mediterranean diet, you would only have meat protein once or twice a week – and at celebrations. The majority of the time it would be vegetables and grains, so our plant-based lamb would have fit the bill nicely. 

Of course, one of the biggest reasons lamb is so loved, like most things on any Greek menu, is because of its flavours!

With the tasty blend of traditional Greek herbs, spices and flavours, thanks to Yia Yia’s secret recipe, we promise that you won’t be missing out when you swap to our plant-based lamb option.

Meals That Create Meaningful Connections 
While we will always be proud to have our roots in traditional Greek Culture, and will NEVER let go of Yia Yia’s recipe book, we like to put a modern, fresh twist on everything we do. Adding plant-based options is just one more way we do our part to make everyone welcome at our table.

After all, no matter what you are eating, it’s all about enjoying your meal in true Greek style, sitting together, passing plates between friends and family, while sharing food that nourishes the heart, soul and stomach.  

Our plant-based Lamb is on our menu now, so head into your local Zeus Street Greek or order online, make the switch and try it for yourself – we know you’ll love it as much as we do!


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