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You won’t baaalieve it’s 100% NOT lamb

Enjoy Zeus Street Greek’s meat-free lamb menu

Loaded in a pita wrap near you this June: our meat-free lamb offering, 100% NOT lamb. Made with an ingenious mix of vegetable and wheat proteins and seasoned with classic Greek flavours, we’re 100% confident that you’ll be 100% in love with 100% NOT lamb.

Lamb has long been a staple of Greek cuisine, served at special celebrations and holy days for centuries. Today, you’ll find lamb in a whole host of Greek dishes, from souvlaki to moussaka, and of course, the traditional Easter roast.

At Zeus, everyone is invited to eat at our table — including our vegan and vegetarian friends, so we wanted to offer a fantastic plant based alternative to lamb. 100% NOT lamb is the perfect alternative. Versatile and incredibly realistic in look, texture and taste, you can get the full Greek dining experience, full of lightning flavour, minus the meat!

Nourishing, delicious and great for the environment

As more and more Australians look for tasty, plant-based alternatives to their favourite dishes, ZSG is more than happy to deliver. Many of our customers are looking for options that suit their vegan or vegetarian diets, and others are conscious of reducing their meat consumption (hello, meat-free Mondays!). Whether you’re looking to improve your health, reduce your impact on the environment, or both, we have an abundance of meat-free and plant-based options on offer.

We’ve drawn from Yia Yia’s secret recipe book to ensure that our 100% NOT lamb options are as equally delicious as the other meals on our menu. Our tasty blend of traditional Greek herbs, spices and flavours packs the same flavour punch our customers crave.

Enjoy our fresh twist on a classic staple

No matter your taste preferences, it’s always a good idea to gather for a delicious, nourishing meal.  Ready to get your hands around our 100% NOT lamb? Grab your mates, call your family, and head down to your local Zeus Street Greek for a meal that’ll nourish your body and do your bit for the planet. We’re proud to have plenty of options that ensure everyone is welcome at our table.

Our 100% NOT Lamb protein is available with Spartan Bowls, Zeus Pita Wraps (VEGAN) and Tzimmy Pita Wraps (VEGGO) – Order online or download the Zeus Street Greek App to access special offers and skip the queue. We can’t wait for you to try our new plant-based lamb.