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Zeus Street Greek

Hey haloumi, you wonderful creation of deliciousness. Where did you come from?


A cultural icon of breakfast, lunch and dinner and an essential in the Mediterranean diet. It’s the perfect partner to the charcoal grill or even the humble Aussie barbecue, served with a generous squeeze of lemon of course!

Lets give you some super tasty cheesy facts you can quote to your friends at your next Zeus feast.


Haloumi was born in Cyprus in the middle ages and the name literally translates to ‘salty water’. Haloumi has always brought people together, families and neighbours would catch up whilst they made haloumi for the whole village. Haloumi was an extremely useful cheese in a time before refrigeration, stored in salty brine to make it last. Haloumi was a basic part of the Mediterranean diet and was praised for hundreds of years, with the secrets of making haloumi handed down generation to generation.

Haloumi is the favoured cheese in the Zeus household. It’s flavour and texture sets it apart and has led to the creation of some of our favourite sides on the menu! Haloumi has always been on the dining table, used by our Yia Yia’s since we were little kids, too short to see the frying pan full of thick slices of haloumi.

Haloumi always gets our taste buds singing and it’s iconic flavour will keep people going heart eyed for generations to come. Pull up a chair and grab a plate, we’ll see you soon.



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