The Philosophy of food

Our Zeus-mantra challenges Australia’s perception of the beloved ‘souvlaki’ from a greasy late night hang-over cure, to a healthy flavoursome meal.

Ultimately, a modern harmony of traditional Greek Street Food and the best of Australian produce, in a relaxed contemporary environment. Fresh. Casual. Delicious.

Our commitment is actually pretty simple. To honour our Greek heritage. To share our favourite family recipes. To serve joy to all who walk through our doors. To make our food feel like home. So, Welcome to Zeus.

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It begins with our food’s origins. We will only partner with people like us. Families who value quality, sustainability and integrity. Whether they’re growing olives or farming chicken. We do food honestly.

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Zeus is about enjoyment and fulfilment – nourishing our souls as well as our stomachs. It’s about the community we share our table with in here. And it’s about the community less fortunate than us, out there. So we take every opportunity to give back.

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