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OUR NEW Low Carb Pita Bread IS HERE!

At Zeus Street Greek, there’s a brand new, 37% lower-carb option coming your way…

If you’re reducing your carbohydrate intake, a regular pita might not be quite right for you. That’s why we’ve continued to develop our lower-carb options and are excited to introduce our latest infusion – beetroot! It has 37% less carbs than a standard pita so you can enjoy a tasty treat with more of what you want, and less of what you don’t.

The humble pita bread is a staple on our menu — toasted warm and deliciously doughy, we pack them with flavourful fillings or serve with delicious dips to dunk ‘em.

Lower-carb, lightning flavour!
Lower-carb doesn’t mean lower in flavour. At Zeus Street Greek, flavour always comes first.

There’s a reason the Ancient Greeks used to present beetroots as an offering to Apollo — they’re super tasty, good for your welbeing and awesomely colourful!

Greek pita bread dates all the way back to the 17th century in Santorini, where ancient stone barbecue skewers have been unearthed.
At Zeus Street Greek, we love bringing you a taste of history, infused with modern flair — and we think Yia-Yia would approve!

“B” is for beetroot, and for beauty!
In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is well known as the goddess of love and beauty. For thousands of years, she inspired tales of romance and adventure.
What isn’t so well known is that to keep up her good looks and appeal, she used to eat beetroots… a practice both Greek men and women have continued to this day!
This legend isn’t as strange as it sounds.
Getting extra vitamin C can help keep skin cells healthy and reduce the risk of acne, plus it contains minerals known for their aphrodisiacal benefits. So, if it’s good enough for the goddess…

Add a splash of colour to your plate
Did we mention the pita is bright pink? Yep, that’s right!
Not only does this pink pita add flair to your meal, but it might just give a sneaky boost to your immune system as well.
According to the experts at Harvard Medical School, veggies and fruits that are brightly coloured contain essential phytonutrients which can help protect against chronic diseases.
In particular, beetroot contains a phytonutrient called betalain, which has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
We’re not saying our beetroot pita will heal the sick, but it can’t hurt to add some extra plant goodness to your diet!

Glorious Greek food your way
If you’ve got a favourite Zeus Street Greek menu item you’d love to make low-carb – it’s now even easier… and tastier.
Pick any dish from our menu and swap to the lower-carb beetroot pita for free.

Our beetroot pita bread is available now from your local Zeus Street Greek, online via our Zeus App or one of our delivery partners (Uber, Deliveroo, Menulog or DoorDash).