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Power up your plate with our new activated charcoal pita!

At Zeus Street Greek, we’re always looking to bring you fresh twists on ancient, well-loved Greek dishes. This time, we’re transforming our humble pita breads with an infusion of activated charcoal.

Dark and striking, our activated charcoal pita has 37% less carbs than our standard pita — and you’d better get in quick! It will be replacing our pink beetroot pita and is available for a limited time only.

Power up your next meal with us by switching to our activated charcoal pita on any of our Pita Wraps, Spartan Bowls, Souvla meals or Dips.

What is activated charcoal, and why is it so special?

Often made from coconut shells, food-grade charcoal is “activated” through treatment with oxygen at super-high temperatures.

This increases the available surface area, making it almost sponge-like. It’s this ultra-absorbency that activated charcoal is known for.

Activated charcoal has recently become an on-trend health product  — however, not many people know its rich history.

Let’s take a look back thousands of years to Ancient Greece….

The history of this ancient, activated sensation

The Greeks are credited with one of the earliest uses of charcoal — to clean their teeth! Ancient Greek women also used charcoal and olive oil to give themselves bold, dramatic brows or line their eyes.

Inspired by Greek god of fire and blacksmithing, Hephaestus, the Greeks created impressive tools and weapons with charcoal as the fuel for their forges.

By 1500 B.C. Egyptian, Roman and Greek physicians began to realise that activated charcoal could heal.

Renowned Greek physician Hippocrates was said to use activated charcoal to treat complaints like epilepsy, iron-deficiency anaemia, vertigo and even anthrax!

Activated charcoal in the modern world

Activated charcoal has a variety of uses in the modern world — from the emergency room to delicious desserts!

Emergency physicians take the lead from Ancient Greece, using activated charcoal to treat serious issues like poisoning and overdose.

In everyday life, activated charcoal has had a glamorous makeover!

Popular with celebrities and online influencers, it’s used in items like toothpaste, skincare, and even “grammable” black ice cream!

Try the new activated charcoal pita at Zeus Street Greek today!

Our new pita is a striking black colour that adds a colour-contrasting sensation to your plate and an earthy, smoky flavour of activated charcoal to your palate.

With 37% fewer carbohydrates than our standard pita, it’s perfect for anyone trying to maintain a lower-carb diet.

Switch our regular pita for our 37% less carbs, activated charcoal pita for free with any pita wrap, dip, Spartan Bowl or souvla meal.

Bite into a delicious activated charcoal pita at one of our Zeus Street Greek restaurants from June 16th 2022.

Our activated charcoal pita is available from your local Zeus Street Greek, online via our Zeus App or one of our delivery partners (Uber, Deliveroo, Menulog or DoorDash).