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Tasty new moussaka balls are now available!

Rolling in this April, our brand new, utterly delicious moussaka balls, are the reinvention of a classic Greek favourite…

Moussaka is a hearty, Greek casserole-style dish made with layers of eggplant, lamb mince, potato and a thick, bechamel sauce.

It wouldn’t be Zeus Street Greek if we didn’t add our own innovative touch to a traditional recipe so…

To make our moussaka balls, we’ve taken the ingredients of the original dish, added plenty of feta and cheddar cheese (you can never have too much cheese), combined them together, rolled them in Panko crumbs and fried until golden and crispy.

Our lamb is grass-fed, and our veggies are the freshest money can buy — all sourced from, sustainably-minded, responsible farmers.

To perfectly complement our crispy creations, we’ve paired them with a roasted red pepper sauce. Tomato, red peppers, spices and mint help balance out the savoury flavours, delivering a hit of sweetness.

Moussaka ball

Where did moussaka come from?

Moussaka is a Greek classic, but what are its origins? The tale is mysterious…

Before it became the cheesy, layered dish we know and love, moussaka had its origins in the Middle East. 

In Levantine Arabic, the first moussaka was a dish where meat and eggplant were layered with spices. This recipe is ancient, thought to have been first written down in 13th century Arabic text Kitab al-Tabikh (‘The Book of Dishes’). 

Various versions became popular across the Middle East, particularly in Egypt and Turkey. When the Ottoman Empire ruled Greece, many of these dishes became incorporated into Greek cuisine.

So when did this dish become the famous cheesy layered creation of today?

To find out, let’s fast-forward to the 1920s, when renowned Greek chef and inventor of the ‘Greek Moussaka’, Nikolaus Tselementes, released a cookbook containing his favourite Greek recipes — with his own special touches! One of these was moussaka featuring a French bechamel sauce. This is the one we know and love today!

Tasting moussaka ball

Take a seat at the table at Zeus Street Greek

A hearty mix of mouthwatering lamb mince, eggplant, cheddar and feta cheese, coated in crispy panko crumbs and fried until golden…

Can you hear it calling your name? We can!  

But that’s not all we have to offer. Come inside one of our welcoming restaurants, take a seat! 

We’re ready to serve you one of our delicious pitas, spartan bowls or refreshing salads — they’ll pair perfectly with a moussaka ball or two!

Bite into a delicious moussaka ball at a Zeus Street Greek restaurant from April 13th NSW, QLD, ACT + VIC.

Our moussaka balls are available from your local Zeus Street Greek, online via our Zeus App or one of our delivery partners (Uber, Deliveroo, Menulog or DoorDash).