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Introducing for a limited time only – POSEIDON!

Succulent prawns, Greekamole, crispy cos lettuce, roasted red peppers, aioli topped w/ bukovo flakes and wrapped in a fluffy pita.

When we were thinking of names for our prawn pita, Poseidon was a clear winner.

God of the ocean and horses, Poseidon was a sea dwelling, hot tempered deity that packed a punch. Akin to its namesake our seafood base has a splash of spice and packs a flavoursome punch into its fluffy pita bread wrap.

We definitely didn’t choose Poseidon as our namesake for this dish because of his shining personality. He was believed to be a mean spirited, greedy, narcissist who let his impulsive and hotblooded nature cause disputes with many human and Greek gods alike. 

One of the ancient stories we enjoy most at ZSG, is Poseidon vs Athena in their battle for Athens.

To cut a very long story short – Poseidon wanted to obtain Athens from Athena, he claimed the city would be in better hands with him than her (typical right ladies?!). To show off his “leadership skills”, he struck his trident into a rock creating a seawater stream which welled up in the Temple of Erechtheion. Athena responded to his challenge by simply planting an olive tree. Cecrops, the King of Athens, decided that Athena’s gift was more useful since it produced fruit, wood, and oil. Athena won Athens and as the story goes – ever since that moment the olive branch has been a universal symbol of peace. 🕊

Our Poseidon pita wrap is available to order now from your local Zeus Street Greek, online via our Zeus App or one of our delivery partners (Uber, Deliveroo, Menulog or DoorDash).