Zeus Street Greek
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Zeus Street Greek

We can’t get enough of our seasonal green bean salad! It’s a Zeus favourite every time. Packed with fresh veg, olive oil, figs and feta, it’s paired well with a variety of Zeus dishes, it’s way too good to resist. Check out our favourite selections below.

Compliment the favourites

Make it a trifecta of Greek goodness! Green beans, haloumi chips and a Tzimmy pita. What more could you need?


Keep it with the classics

Greek classics go hand in hand! Compliment our green beans with more Greek greens aka cut open a crispy spanakopita filled with feta and spinach (thank us later).


Cue the Spartan on the go

The best way to enjoy the Aussie outdoors is with a Spartan box! Take advantage of the longer spring days and head out with your Spartan Box in hand. Start with green beans of course! Add in some falafel and organic grains. Almost set, just don’t forget tzatziki.

Enjoy our green bean salad while it lasts! It’s only here for a limited time.


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