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Did you know that Loukoumades are one of the oldest recorded desserts in history!?

These golden, delicious, deep fried dough balls smothered in the sweet goodness of honey were recorded to be served to games winners at the first Olympics in 776 B.C.  We think that golden loukoumades sounds like a much tastier prize than a gold medal!

In true Zeus Street Greek style we’ve taken this traditional classic dessert recipe and added a little twist of yumminess. Introducing our new Feta Loukoumades!

Traditionally a simply sweet dish, we’ve added the umami explosion of feta with a pinch of cracked pepper spice to create crispy savoury loukoumades. We then drizzled them in sweet honey and sprinkle a little oregano to top. Our new limited-edition loukoumades eliminates the question – Sweet or Savoury? Zeus Street Greek say’s “Why not both?!”

Our new feta loukoumades come as a serving of 10 balls that are perfect for sharing, that said we donut blame you if you want to eat them all to yourself! 

Now available at all Zeus Street Greek venues nationally, indulge in these ridiculously tasty treats for a limited time only.