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Zeus Street Greek

Before you ask – yes, we will always have our delicious seafood and ‘meat from the spit’ options on the menu!

However, we are committed to doing our part for the planet and, importantly, making sure that everyone can find tasty, flavourful options at Zeus – whatever their diet. That is why we are super excited to let you know that we are gearing up for the launch of some brand new, plant-based chicken options including a “new” pita and some 100% Vegan items on the 28th of April!

Our new, plant-based ‘chicken’ options will be available in some of your favourite items on the Zeus Street Greek menu and we can tell you now that, regardless of your preferred diet, you are going to love them!

Did you know that the traditional Mediterranean diet of Greece (especially pre-1960) actually contains less meat than other Mediterranean countries? So having a variety of plant-based options for our customers is very much aligned with our heritage. Of course, as Yia Yia would say, we believe in eating meat in moderation – but when we do, you can bet it is of the highest quality and flavour!

But if meat isn’t your thing, you’ll be able to swap to a plant-based option next time you dine with us, without giving up any of the flavours you know and love from our menu. 

What is the Mediterranean diet?  

The Mediterranean diet is known worldwide as one of the healthiest ways to eat, helping to look after your heart and waistline, while improving life-expectancy and overall good health! To eat and enjoy food the Greek way, have a diet high in healthy, unprocessed plant foods and low in animal foods, with fish, seafood and meat eaten in moderation. 

Want to eat like a true Greek? Add: Vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, potatoes, whole grains, bread, herbs, spices, fish, seafood and extra virgin olive oil.

Eat less of: Chicken, eggs, cheese, red meat and yoghurt.

Remove: Processed meats, refined sugars, oils, grains and other highly-processed foods. 

Enjoy: Red wine, sweets and treats in balance – and savour, don’t scoff!

And most importantly, to really experience the Greek diet and lifestyle, stay active and enjoy quality foods and flavours, sharing your meals whenever you can with the people you love!

Whether you are Vegan, Carnivorous, Vegetarian or Flexitarian – or just eat what tastes good! –  we are committed to ensuring that you’ll find plenty to love on the Zeus Street Greek menu. Keep your eyes peeled and your tastebuds primed for our new plant-based options coming soon… 

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