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Zeus Street Greek

Winter is in full swing and we’ve got a new star that won’t cause any beef.


Think juicy beef brisket that melts in the mouth. In two words, tender goodness!

Beef brisket was made for slow cooking. The long cooking process leaves the meat super tender and increases the flavours, leaving a succulent, soft, flaky piece of meat that falls apart almost instantly. Slow and low is the way to go!

Our beef brisket is perfect in your Spartan Box, in our brand-new flavour filled Mighty Brisket pita and decadently Loaded Yia Yia’s chips.

Our Mighty Brisket pita is our Greek epic, our pita masterpiece. Our beefy star is filled with flaky, tender brisket, quinoa tabouli, onion, tomato and Yia Yia’s chips with harissa aioli.

Our devilishly naughty Loaded Yia Yia’s chips are the perfect winter treat. The brisket is the star in the multilayered flavour explosion, generously covering Yia Yia’s crispy chips in warm, flaky beef. Topped with smoky yoghurt and harissa aioli.

But if you’re feeling like variety then the beef brisket Spartan box is the go. The Brisket is complemented with fresh salads, pilaf and dips. With over 120 different combinations for your beef brisket, your Spartan Box is the way you build it.

Go on what are you waiting for! Head into your local Zeus.


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