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Zeus Street Greek

A savoury favourite for the soul


Ask any Greek household what savoury treat is enjoyed all year long and you’ll hear the word spanakopita. Enjoyed hot or cold and at any time of the day, spanakopita is filled with crumbled feta and spinach and covered in a flaky golden filo pastry. The recipe for our signature spanakopita at Zeus has been handed down from our Yia Yia’s. A recipe full of skill and care that Yia Yia made us as kids as an after-school snack and a quick bite when we go to visit.

We recommend enjoying your spanakopita with a cold drink, plenty of good conversation and maybe a bit of chilli sauce on the side (if you’re feeling spicy).

Watch how Yia Yia makes our spanakopita

Yia Yia starts by rolling out super thin sheets of filo pastry. Once all the delicious filling is made, its poured on the pastry and skilfully rolled up. In goes the spanakopita ready to be baked, giving us plenty of time to catch up with Yia Yia over a loux sour cherry and some embarrassing photos of us when we were kids. Crispy, buttery and full of cheese and spinach, our spanakopita fuels conversation and stomachs.

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