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Zeus Street Greek

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What’s love got to do with our loukoumades? Well, everything actually! It’s not just on Valentine’s Day Zeus kitchens are full of love, it’s every day.

loukoumades chocolate

At Zeus, we are passionate about fresh ingredients and traditional dishes and our loukoumades are no exception.

Loukoumades are an ancient Greek treat with reports of them being served at the early Olympics and a staple in any Yiayia’s household. These little bites of heaven are simple to make but take time and care to get just right.

Every morning in Zeus stores across Australia fresh batches of loukoumades are hand mixed and left to rest for two hours to create a perfect runny batter ready for frying. Every single doughnut is then hand scooped and flash fried ready for service.  When you order we then fry them for a second time to create a crispy outer with a fluffy inside, they are then generously topped with honey or Nutella and walnuts.

Whether your loved up or all about mates’ dates. You’ll be sure to fall for our loukoumades.

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